5 Most Interesting Outdoor Sports You Should Try

Risky sports have been attracting the attention of almost all the young people thanks to the great fun and health benefits this kind of sports bring. You can find out a large number of risky sports played all over the world. Even though it brings many dangers, people are still addicted to it.

In this article, I want to introduce to you top 5most interesting as well as the riskiest sports in the world you had better try once at least. I hope that you will find these sport funny and exciting to you.

Speed Skating On The Volcano Slope

Skating at high speed on the slope of the volcano which is still working is considered the most dangerous in the world. The average height of the volcano is about 700 meters and the lava is still flowing with the speed of 50 miles per hour. Just with imagination, a lot of people are obsessed and afraid of being killed by the heat of the lava.

However, skating on the slope of such a volcano is appealing to a large number of skaters all over the world. You know, thousands of tourists visit the Cerro Negro Mountain in Nicaragua every year and want to give a try to speed skating on the slope of the mountain.

The skaters in this sport have to wear the protective clothes, pads for protecting their knees and helmets to protect their heads. Equipped with such protective gear, skaters are allowed to skate at 80 kilometers/ hour on their special skateboards.

This crazy sport was born in the year 2005 and now there are about more than 5thousands of people attracted by its danger and challenges. If you stand a chance to some famous volcanos where this sport is allowed to play then you can try it once. You will feel the craziest emotion in your life.

Skating With The Four – Wheel Boards

Skating with the four – wheel boards under the automotive chassis is a hot trend in India. This kind of skating requires flexibility, strength and the perfect balance of the skaters. Skating like this is very difficult and in India, children really love this sport.

Surfing On The Roof Of The Train

Surfing on the roof of the train is really dangerous and it is an illegal sport. However, a lot of people still bet their lives to play it. The surfers have to surf on the roof of a train that is running fast.

It has become really serious when in Africa, there are a lot of people wounded because of practicing surfing on the train’s roof. This problem was once famous all over the world due to its severity.

This sport was popular in the year 1980 in Germany and then was forgotten until 2005. A group of German found it and developed this dangerous sport. They took everyone aback with the surfing performance on the roof of the most famous train in this country.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is dangerous but it is not too difficult to conquer it. You only need to arouse your bravery to jump. There is a belt to protect you and lift you up. However, you will find it boring if you only jump down to the normal lake.

Therefore, a lot of jumpers choose to Bungee jump down to a crocodile pond in order to challenge themselves. They will have strong feeling and if they are successful, they will be braver.

Of course, this sport can kill you. Therefore, it is just for introducing. Trying on such a sport will leave wounds and pity for many people.

Jumping From A Cliff

You all know that a cliff is really high and jumping from a cliff may cause a lot of injuries even though you have the belt protect you. However, there are a lot of pointy reefs exposing and you will be hit by such reefs.

Bottom Line

These are the most famous dangerous sports that are creating a crazy wave in the sport world for young generations. I think that you will be rolled into this wave once you try on any of the sports described above. In our site, we will provide you with more secrets to play those sports.

What Are Risky Sports You Should Try?

In this modern time, young people really like to take part in activities and sports that can give them a chance to challenge themselves. They also want to discover more about their hidden ability. Therefore, risky sports are well – loved all over the world.

There are a large number of sports risky enough to help you find out your talent. However, it is necessary to filter and select the most suitable kind of sports. In this post, I will provide you more information about the five most popular sports all over the world.

Free Pogo

Free pogo is a well – known sport that requires each player a pair of pogo. Walking on the pogo is very difficult and it takes a lot of time for you to practice and master walking and running on it.

The idea for free pogo increase the risk for the players on the grounds that as usual, the pogo walkers only walk slowly on the smooth street without any obstacle.

However, when it comes to free pogo, you will find it much more dangerous because the pogo is integrated with heels and the players will jump and touch the ground with moving pogo.

In this sport, it is really difficult to keep balance and control the pogo. The pogo is also high and it makes the sport more difficult to conquer. In addition to this, people who are addicted to this sport often choose to walk on the high and sloping terrains in order to make it more difficult.

Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey is the sport that is not too popular on the grounds that it is just famous in the USA, Japan and Korea. The sport is difficult to play.

Nowadays, underwater hockey is much more difficult and it is more challenging. It is this point of this sport that makes it famous all over the world and it is regarded as one of the sports people should try.

The players in this sports are mainly divers. They often play hockey underwater and in the winter when the water is really cold.

They do so to train their bodies and form a habit to resist the coldness. That is surprising and crazy, right?

In this sport, the players have to prepare equipment for both diving and playing hockey. That is quite complicated at first. They need a diving mask, a hockey stick and gloves to hold the stick.

The diving mask helps them breathe underwater. The hockey stick allows the players to catch the hockey ball. This is one of the most important points in playing underwater hockey you need to know.

You know, the ball used in underwater hockey weighs more than 1 kilogram. It is quite heavy but when it is underwater, it can push the water force and can move. The sport is quite difficult and bored if you do not find out all the outstanding features and if you do not have enough patience.

Air – Kicking

Air – kicking is a strange sport and is not as well – known as other kinds of sports. To depict, a person will be projected from a projecting machine in high position (about 7 meters) in the air in a swimming pool. Air – kicking pushes the players in the air and according to a parabola line, with the combination of high pressure and air – kicking technology.

Walking On A Tightrope

Walking on a tightrope is dangerous, too. There are all the belts to keep the walkers safe and prevent them from falling down. The walkers need to keep calm all the time and they are only allowed to look forward.

If they look down or turn to the right or left, they will be afraid of height. This sport is to challenge the bravery of the walkers when they are high in the air.

Bottom Line

As you see, these sports are risky and a lot of people do not have enough bravery to try it. However, if you dare to take part in any kind of sports mentioned above, you will find out more hidden talents and secrets inside your bodies. I hope that you will be satisfied with the sport introduction in this article.

Look At Risky Sports With The Right Perspective

Risky sport or extreme sport is a kind of adventuring activity which indicates the activities that cause a lot of dangers. These activities often require high speed, height and much power in order to conquer something.

The players will also have to equip themselves with the special utensils. In this article, I want to introduce to you some about extreme sports and hope that you will have a right look at it.

Benefits From Extreme Sports

First and foremost, to help you understand right about extreme sports, I should mention some greatest benefits from playing them. Here are some benefits that anyone can get.

Peak The Emotion

Peaking the emotion is the first benefit that all the players can feel. They feel afraid but also have the feeling that they are very brave. The players in extreme sports will stand a chance to experience the emotion that they have never experienced. That seems to be the greatest thing.

When they are high in the air or deep underwater, they will have the feeling that they are entering a new world that contains a lot of dangers. Sometimes, they are feared of being killed or being unable to come back home. That is the common feeling of almost all the extreme sport – players.

Train The Health

You know extreme sports require people to train their health with all their effort. To conquer any extreme sport, the players have to overcome a lot of difficulties in health – training. There are a large number of exercises the players have to do and through such a period of training time, the players can enhance their health.

Realize Secret Ability

One interesting point in playing extreme sports is that the players will be able to realize their own ability. In fact, almost all successful players in extreme sports are those who were depressed in the past.

They were doubted about their mental conditions and they wanted to escape from that. Therefore, they decided to take part in some kinds of risky sports and then they overcame all the barriers to discover their talents.

These are some greatest benefits from playing risky sports. These benefits have been attracting many people all over the world and some people are ready for any challenge that can make them lose their life.

Classification Of Extreme Sports

There are a lot of extreme sports that you can choose to participate in. In this part, I will help you classify these sports into different categories.

Sports In The Air

Many extreme sports are in the air such as parachuting, Bungee jumping and cliff – jumping. These sports require the players to have enough bravery to fly height and resist the strength of the wind and the pressure of the air.

Sports Underwater

Some extreme sports are underwater like underwater hockey or diving. These sports are extremely dangerous on the grounds that they force the players into the depth of the sea or swimming pool and the players will have to move in the water.

Sports On The Ground

Some sports are on the ground. We can list here many kinds such as walking on pogo, biking or skating. These sports are all attractive to the youth and it seems to be easier to play than the two kinds above.

Bottom Line

These are some basic points you should get to know when you learn about risky sports. I know that a lot of people still think negatively about such activities on the grounds that they do not agree with the features and the dangers it causes. The introduction about extreme sports in this article may help you have a better understanding about this kind of sports.

What Are The Most Interesting Extreme Sports For Young Generations?

For the past few decades, there have been more and more kinds of sports for young generations to take part in. Interestingly, almost all young people like to break up for extreme sports (risky sports) which give a lot of visible and invisible fear to the players.

Especially, in the US, people respect their own right to play sports so the area for playing sports is extremely large. Young people are also willing to challenge themselves. For more details, I will introduce to you some about risky sports in this country.

Some Most Interesting Sports

In this part, I want to introduce to you some most interesting extreme sports. On knowing the name of the sports, you can be surprised.

Parachuting From A Cliff

Jumping from a cliff is very dangerous. As usual, the players will be equipped with a safe belt so that when they jump, the belt will keep them hanging. However, with parachuting from a cliff, the jumpers are not equipped with any belt. They have a parachute that will work as soon as the jumpers jump.

If the parachute works well, the jumpers will be safe and they can enjoy the beautiful scene in the air. However, if the parachute does not work, the jumpers will fall into dangers and they will be surely wounded severely.

Climbing Limestone

Climbing limestone is interesting but more dangerous than hiking. You know, the limestone gives you no path to climb like other normal mountains. You will have to climb and create the path by yourselves.

Climbing limestone is difficult so when climbing, the climbers have to prepare a lot in order to prevent unexpected injuries.

These are the two most dangerous sports that are related to mountain. There are even some activities on the slope of the working volcano but it is now not encouraged.

Some Crazy Places For Extreme Sports

Unlike normal sports, extreme sports require large and special places. For example, if you climb the limestone, you will have to come to the limestone that allow you to climb. Or if you want to parachute, you will have to come to the high mountains or high cliff.

In the US, Moab is the idea place for extreme sports in the air. Here, the nature creates high stones standing like the poles up to the sky. This is an ideal place for people to climb. A lot of people come here and conquer the height of the mountain. There is an available path for people to follow.

Here, many more extreme sports are played. You can have a good time parachuting from the cliff. If you walk there, you can also jump from a cliff without belt (of course, for low cliff). However, this is quite dangerous.

In Moab, the nature is great and you will feel satisfied with the air here. People are also friendly. Especially, you will see lots of things strange and attractive to you. In particular, you can see many people skiing or sitting on the sleighs from the mountain.

In the summer, you can come here to enjoy the fresh air and the flavor of the green trees here. I bet that will be a great time in your life.

Bottom Line

As you see these activities are famous throughout the country and it is really perilous.

You may not be interested in playing extreme sports but may have much concern about discovering these sports through reading books and consulting in the internet. I hope that the information above will be helpful for you.

What You Should Know When Playing Extreme Sports

The summer is coming and people are preparing for their new holiday with more interesting activities. I know that you are busy with your work but you had better spare your time getting to know about some risky sports and try them. In this article, I will tell you some kinds of sport popular and what you have to prepare when you decide to play them.

Some Extreme Sports

In fact, you can find out many extreme sports which can kill the player anytime if they are careless.

However, such sports are not too popular on the grounds that a lot of people do not agree to allow these sports to be famous. In this part, I will introduce to you some kinds that are challenging but not fatal.

Canoe Surfing

Different from surfing on the sea surface, canoe surfing requires a canoe which helps to pull the surfers on the wave. You know, when you surf (normal surfing), you will have to take advantage of the wave strength to move.

However, with a canoe, the speed of surfing is equivalent to the speed of the canoe. The surfers do not have to put much effort to surf but they have to resist the pulling force of the canoe by leaning their bodies backwards in order to keep balance.

The surfers have to hold the wire ties their bodies and connects with the canoe. When the canoe goes the surfers will go too. The surfers do not have to wait for the strong wave to surf.

Canoe surfing helps you feel the high speed and the strong cold wind at the sea. However, you will have to spend a lot of time for practicing. The most difficult skill in canoe surfing is how to keep balance.

You know, if you cannot keep balance, your face will be down to the water surface and you cannot breathe. You will have to let your body lie a little bit. For practicing, you can let the canoe go slowly.


Parachuting is very interesting. In some beaches, you can parachute with the safe belts and pulling force to keep security for you. You will be equipped with a parachute and the pulling belts will help pull you back if you fly too far.

You will stand a chance to observe everything around you when you are on the parachute. That will be one of your greatest moments in your life.

Prepare Safety Gear

In playing extreme sports, you will have to prepare a lot of equipment to keep safety for yourselves. For the sports in the air, you had better have belts and protective clothes.

For underwater sports, you will need masks to keep breathing. In addition, you will have to purchase the tools if the sports require.

Bottom Line

Here are what you should know when you want to participate in some kinds of extreme sports. I hope that you will find the information in this article useful for you.